Derma Science Sensitive Skin Sun Block Forever Plus (SPF 50+/PA+++) 50ml


Sun rays and the harmful effect of UV light, in particular, are the main factor for premature skin aging. Keeping your skin well hydrated and protected from harmful rays is paramount. Sensitive Skin Sun Block Forever Plus is a solution made from Histolab, part of their Derma Science series, which can be used by people with all types of skin, but is especially helpful to those suffering from oil and acne prone skin.

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The most effective way of combating the harmful effect of the sun on the skin is to keep it properly hydrated. When exposed to direct sunlight, especially during the hot summer days, the skin loses moisture rapidly. To reverse that process, the Sun Block Forever plus contains Squalene and the special and powerful patented SRGF H1 complex.

Hydration alone, however is not enough. This sun screen product from Histolab actives active protection against the sun rays and UV light, with the combined power of Titanium Dioxide and Eucalyptus globulus extract.

To help against any irritation and redness, the Sensitive Skin Sun Block Forever Plus from Histolab also utilizes Sophora extract, as well as the SRGF H1 complex. Overall skin condition is booster with the valuable nutrients provided by the rice bran extract.

The product is to be applied on clean skin, before being exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays. Gently rub in until the skin completely absorbs the Derma Science sun screen.

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