Acnex Science Alpha Cleansing Foam 140ml


The Alpha Cleansing Foam from Histolab’s Acnex Science series is a gentle but very effective foam, which will thoroughly cleanse the patient’s skin and have an almost instant soothing effect, which makes it a particularly useful cosmetic solution for people with inflamed skin. The main active ingredient of the cleansing foam is saponin, which is a substance known to swiftly deal with bacteria, which calming down irritations and inflammation on the skin.

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Who can use the cleansing foam?

While appropriate for all types of skin, the Alpha Cleansing Foam of Acnex Science is most effective for patients that have oily skin, enlarged pores and problems with excessive sebum production. The foam kills bacteria and helps with skin inflammation, so people suffering from various forms of skin irritation are also prime users of this cosmetic product. It is guaranteed to soothe  skin discomfort in a matter of minutes.

Acnex Science Alpha Cleansing Foam should always be applied on well cleaned skin, using a slightly wet hand. The Histolab foam should be gently applied all over the face and then washed away with lukewarm water.  Use a clean towel to dry your skin with patting motions, careful to no re-ignite the inflammation.


  • Ivy Leaf Extract
  • Oil extracted from tea tree
  • Decyl-Glucoside
  • Nelumbo Nufifera Flower Water

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