Basic Science ION-TO P (BIO PLACENTA) – 20ml x 50 vial


ION-TO P is one of the products specially tailored for Iontophoresis therapy, in the Basic Science  line of Histolab. Proper hydration is an absolute must in order to revitalize the skin of the patient, to restore elasticity, softness, smoothness and to remove fine lines and superficial wrinkles on the face. Combining powerful natural ingredients with innovations from the dermatology industry, ION-TO P from Histolab will make skin treatment with Iontophoresis that much more effective.

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The central ingredient of this ionto product is the patented  SRGF H1 Complex. This is a combination of ingredients, specially selected for optimal skin revitalization. The  complex will ensure not only that the skin  receives the necessary amount of moisture, but that hydration levels remain balanced over an extensive period of time.

Virtually all other main ingredients of the ION-TO P have been added by Histolab with the thought of skin hydration. These include soybean extract, hydrolyzed corm protein, eucalyptus leaf extract (also has soothing effect) and lecithin.

However, the effects of Iontophoresis are only optimal if the skin receives the full necessary complex of revitalizing agents, so Histolab ION-TO P also contains a rich Citrus Junos Fruit extract, to introduce much needed vitamins and nutrients into the skin.

A single procedure with the ION-TO P (BIO PLACENTA) involves the usage of 3 to 5cc of the product, carefully massaged into the skin of the face using an Iontophoresis machine’s galvanic stick.