Terms & Conditions

Below are outlined the general Terms & conditions, which will regulate and settle the relations between cosmetic-market.com on one side, henceforth also referred to as “us”, “we”, “seller”, “merchant” and “website” or by the website’s brand name – Cosmetic Market, and the customer which will also be referred to as “client”, “you”, “your” etc. Inside these Terms & Conditions are the outlined the main interactions and relations between cosmetic-market.com and the customers in relation to using our website, purchasing from our store and any relevant information such as shipping, delivery, returns, problem handling, pricing, problem resolution and all other matter connected to business relation between us and the client.

Prior to making a purchase from this website, all customers are required to read these Terms & Conditions in full and agree to them.

Client orders

Customers can make order at cosmetic-market.com at any moment that the website is online. Excluding unforeseen events that might cause the website to be inaccessible, customers can make an order at any point in time, including outside normal work hours of our local time zone, as well as local holidays and weekends. Processing of all orders will happen only during standard work time during normal working hours. All orders are processed within the first 48 hours of working days, after the order is made, unless there is some unforeseen delay. We will notify customers of any possible delay.

To complete an order, a customer must select their desired product, fill our all necessary information regarding billing and delivery, agree to the Terms & Conditions, select a payment method and processed to complete all steps of the checkout process until they reach the “Thank you” page. Upon finalizing an order, the customer will receive an automated email with a summary of the order at the email address they’ve provided during checkout.

Automated emails are not automatic order confirmation – they have a strictly informative purpose for the convenience of the customer. A member of our team will contact the client to further confirm item availability, possible payment methods, possibility of delivery and in what time frame. Any potential issues with the order will be made known to the client.

An order is considered complete by us, once a paid for item(s) has been packed and shipped with the per-agreed delivery service.

Order handling, including payment handling, processing packaging or shipping may be delegated by cosmetic-market.com to a third party without prior notice to the customer.

Shipping & Delivery

Customers have two main shipping options to choose from – courier and postal delivery. Postal delivery is made using the service of the posts via their Priority mail service. Courier delivery is made using various shipping companies – DPD, DHL, EMS, TNT and others, depending on the location of the customer and the current rates of the courier companies.

All prices and delivery time range depending on the customer’s location. When making an order, a client will be shown an estimate for delivery time depending on their location. Note that is estimate is completely non-binding and for informational purposes only.

All customers will receive a valid tracking number and information on how to track it, once their order is shipped.

Time for delivery

The delivery depends of multiple factors like client location, courier and postal workload ( delays are more possible during holiday seasons) and any unforeseen factors. As a general and rough estimate, Priority mail delivery to the EU and most European countries will be between 5 and 10 workdays. Priority mail delivery outside of Europe is normally 10-15 workdays, with up to 20 workdays for certain locations. Courier delivery within the EU is normally between 4 and 7 workdays. Courier delivery outside the EU is normally 6-10 workdays. These are only estimating and delays are possible. We will try to notify customers of any possible delay but cosmetic-market.com will in no way be accountable for any processing, shipping or delivery delay.

Please note all clients are required to provide accurate shipping information. Any delays, increased shipping expenses or non-delivery which are the result of the customer providing inaccurate information will not be the responsibility of our company. We may require you to provide additional information if deemed necessary.

Return Policy

Returns of purchased items are permitted but only in the instances permitted by EU law and the outlined below cases. Prior to making a return, a customer is required to notify out company of the issue and the pending item return, as well as provide us with the necessary information – describe the problem, method or shipping to us and provide us with tracking information for the returned package.

We accept returns of items in the following instances:

  • The purchased item is either malfunctioning or cannot be used as intended. An example of such defects and problem may include a broken item, item that is physically deformed or in other way vastly differing from the intended manufacturing parameters, an item that is expired or in other way not adhering to the intended standard quality;
  • A client has received not the item they have purchased or not the appropriate amount of the paid for items (either more or less) or their package included items which were not part of their order;
  • A client received an item that can visibly be determined to have been damaged during transportation by the postal or shipping company;
  • The client has reconsidered their purchase and wishes to return their item – this option is only available to EU customers as per EU law. The client is obliged to return an unopened and unused item in as best as possible condition.

Item return for EU customers

All clients within the EU have the right to return an item purchased online even without a problem, if they reconsider their purchase within 14 days after receiving it. Prior to making a return, the EU customer must notify us of the return. We will review the returned item upon receiving it and if deemed in good condition (appropriate for re-selling at full price) we will issue a full refund to the customer, except for the shipping fee, any transaction fees and any other expenses that were necessary for processing the purchase. The refund method will be determined upon consulting with the customer. Items which are deemed mishandled by the customer will not the refunded in full or at all, depending on their condition and possibility to re-sell them.


We take all necessary precautions to pack items as safely as possible to have them delivered in good condition to customers. We are not responsible for any damage which is the result of mishandling by the courier or unforeseen events.

EU warranty

Clients from the EU have a limited, up to 2-year warranty for certain items. Please refer to the EU regulations to see if the items you purchased are covered by these regulations. These, however, do not cover things like item expiry, depletion or improper storage and handling. Such guarantee will be limited solely to defects, noticeable difference of properties from the advertised and similar problem with the purchased item, which could only be discovered upon opening the package. We will not cover visible damage to the items which was not reported within 14 days of delivery.

Stock and Item availability

The definition we apply when marking an item “In stock” includes both items which are physically available in our warehouse and such which can be backordered within a reasonable time frame from one of our suppliers and delivered to the customers. If we need to backorder an item – we will notify the customer and provide them with an estimate on how long the overall backorder and delivery process will take. We will also confirm the availability of all items in our warehouse which were ordered, for the convenience of the customer.

We will only backorder or ship items which have been paid in full, including the full price, VAT (if applicable), shipping expenses and any other unforeseen expenses we’ve to make.

Order cancellation

An order can be cancelled by both the customer and us. We retain the right to cancel any order we deem appropriate to, at any moment prior to shipping. We will refund any payments made by the customer.

A client can cancel their order at any moment, up to the point of the item being shipped. We will issue a full refund, except for expenses we had to make in relation to processing the order – transfer fees, packing expenses, etc.

Expenses, Taxes and Import Duties

All client from within the EU will be charged with VAT, at their local rates. Customers residing in the EU will not owe any import duties or similar fees and will not have the customs process their package.

Clients from outside the EU will not be charge with VAT, but must be aware of any import duties, taxes, fees and related expenses, charged by their local government and customs. You must also be aware of any local regulations and restrictions regarding the importing of certain types of items in your country. It is possible that an import duty and other taxes must be paid to your local customs before you can receive your item. It is the customers responsibility to be aware of local law and regulations. We will not be held accountable for any delay or non-delivery as a result of local laws and customs regulations. Any item returned to us by the customs of the client’s country may be shipped again, but the client will owe any further shipping expenses related to their order, like return expenses and the new shipping fees.

Product Prices

All prices on the website have a base price calculated in Euro. Customers visiting the website will have their location detected automatically and will view the prices as follows – clients from within the EU will view the base price in Euro; clients from the UK will view the converted price in GBP, as per the daily exchange rate (European Bank); clients from the rest of the world will view the price converted in USD, as per the daily exchange rate (European Bank).

Prices on the website do not include VAT, but clients from the EU will have VAT, as per their local rate, be added to their order, including shipping, at the checkout page. Please refer to Expenses, Taxes and Import Duties for any other expenses you may have to cover.

Accepted Payment Methods

The accepted payment method by our website is bank transfer. Upon completing an order, you will receive an automated email which will include your order details and the bank details you need to complete the payment. Please be sure to add your order number when making the payment. Any transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.

We will notify you as soon as the payment is received. Orders are only sent once the payment is cleared in our bank account.

If you’re interested in alternative payment methods, you can contact us directly to inquire of what other payment methods we can offer you.

Please, also read the Privacy Policy to learn more about our data handling and data breach procedures.


Please refer to the Return Policy for additional details.

We will refund any order, which has not yet been shipped in full, as per the request of the customer, excluding any expenses related to processing the order we’ve had to make. We will refund any returned item as per the terms outlined in the Return Policy. Please refer to the Return Policy for additional details.

The refund method is determined after consulting with the customer. Please not that a refund transfer may take up to a month to appear on your bank statement.

Limited Liability

Our team tries to maintain the website and all presented information, including item pricing, availability and descriptions accurate and up to date. We will, however, not be held responsible for any mistakes or inaccuracies in the information presented on the website and we retain the right to, without notice, alter, update, remove, add or otherwise modify the information on the website. Our definition of “information” includes, but is not limited to, all text, images, media, video, animation, web, styling and programming code or other type of content which may be defined as “information” on cosmetic-store.com or any other website referenced on it.

Our liability is strictly limited to the amount that the customer has paid for their order, no matter if such liability is strict, product or negligence, our company will not be held accountable for any amount of damages greater than the paid by the customer amount of money.

cosmetic-market.com and its employees and contractors are also not responsible for any indirect damages to the customer, their clients, relatives, business partners, contractors or other third parties in relation with them. Indirect damages are defined (but not limited to) to instance of loss of customers, loss of profit, loss of interest or other loss, caused indirectly by ordering from our website, which can be defined as “damages”. Any damaged to the customer regarding their relation to third parties the result of their business relation to us are not responsibility of cosmetic-market.com or any of its subsidiary or sister companies, business partners, employees or contractors.

Feedback and complaints

For any feedback or complain you can get in touch with us directly at [email protected] or at +1 (305) 203-4062.

Applicable Law

All business and connected relations between the customer and cosmetic-market.com are regulated as per EU and Romanian law.


cosmetic-market.com retains full right to modify any aspect of cosmetic-market.com including functionality, layout, available products, pricing, shipping methods and prices, product categories, Terms & conditions, policies, order process or any type of information on the website, without prior notice.

Our company has the right to decide which orders to fulfill and we retain the right to cancel any other without explanation or prior notice, as per these Terms & Conditions. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further information.

Intellectual property and intellectual rights

Our website uses resources that are the intellectual property of third parties. This includes a modified version of the Allium Theme by TemplateLens. Product images and logos on the website has been acquired from the respective products manufacturers and/or their website. Additional images from Freepik have been used. Any intellectual property that was deemed necessary for attribution has been done so. All used resources has been used in a way we have deem appropriate or in line with fair usage. If you believe your work or intellectual property have bee misused or not attributed correctly – get in touch with us at [email protected] and provide us with further information about the problem. Third party intellectual property is wholly owned by their respective holders and should not be copies, sold, redistributed or otherwise used again their strict instructions or without their permission.

Any content on the website which is the property of cosmetic-market.com, including text, video, media, images, graphics and code or any other information we have intellectual rights over is strictly forbidden from usage, redistribution or reselling, except with our explicit written consent.