Basic Science Natural Lightning Plus Modeling Mask 1kg


Natural Lightning Plus Modeling Mask is a professional cosmetic product from Histolab, part of their Basic Science product series, made to improve the skin tone and the overall condition of the skin on the face. It combines powerful skin brightening agents like Arbutin, with one of the most effective hydrating compounds in the cosmetic industry – Sodium Hyaluronate. This facial mask is a non-aggressive but very effective solution for patients suffering from skin hyperpigmentation.

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Darkening of the skin can be the result of age, it can be caused by various skin problems or it can be environmental. The result, however, is a rapid increase in the production of melanin and other pigments into the skin, which may lead to the appearance of darker patches of skin. To help people dealing with similar skin issues, Histolab has developed the Natural Lightning Plus Modeling Mask.

However, this facial mask does so much more thank simply brighten the skin tones. It takes care of the skin, improves the hydration and soothes any discomfort and irritation. Besides Sodium Hyaluronate, the mask also contains Algin, which is a natural compound produces by brown algae, know to be able to retain up to three hundred times its own weight in water. In combination, the two guarantee lasting moisturizing effect for a more elastic and softer skin.

In addition, the face mask is very soothing to irritation and also has anti-septic properties, so in case of dealing with skin inflammation, its usage is strongly recommended. The anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties of the Basic Science mask, make it the right choice for patients suffering from acne.

The mask in the package is in the form of powder and must be mixed with purified water at a proportion of 1:1.5 powder to water, respectively. It should always be applied on clean skin, preferably after other skin treatment procedures, like using ampoule or essence, have taken place. Best results are achieved when combined with other skincare products from the Basic Science series.

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