Basic Science Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask 250g


Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask offers excellent skin revitalization using the most basic, but also  effective skin treatment method – hydration. Due to age or environmental factors, skin can become dry, rough or flaky. Returning it’s youthful and healthy condition is impossible is the moisture levels aren’t balanced and sustainable. This Basic Science moisturizing mask will greatly improve the condition of dry skin, make it noticeably softer and more elastic and also hide away fine lines and wrinkles.

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Immediate hydration of the skin is easy – it can be achieved with a basic cosmetic cream. However, the Basic Science Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask aims at offering patients much more sustainable and lasting results. This is a long term solution to patients with dry skin, that introduces both valuable nutrients and helps the skin retain much needed moisture.

The main ingredients of the Histolab mask are two – SRGF H1 complex and Sodium Hyaluronate.  The former is a patented complex of seven plant extracts, from Histolab, which makes sure the skin of the patient is provided much the vitamins and minerals needed for proper revitalization. Sodium Hyaluronate, on the other hand, is one of the most used ingredients in the cosmetic industry. Prefered for its water retaining properties, this compound is equally effective as a base for filler gel or as a hydration improving component of beauty creams and masks.

The rest of the ingredients of the Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask have a heavy emphasis on natural origin. There is rice and tomato extract for extra nutrients and anti-oxidants. There is also Arginine for additional skin nourishment. And Boswellia Serrata Resin will have a bonus soothing effect on skin irritations on the face.

How is The Histolab mask applied?

Using the face mask is very easy. In just ten to fifteen minutes, once a day for a period a period of two weeks, patients will start to see visible results. Apply the Basic Science mask on clean skin and after the recommended time has passes, wash it away with mildly warm water.