Derma Science Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm 50ml (SPF 35/PA++)


Skin treatment with various forms of light has been increasingly popular in recent years. From hair removal to medical procedures like treatment of psoriasis, there has been a vast adoption of IPL, laser and UV light cosmetic and medical devices. An unfortunate side effect from these is a sort-of artificial sunburn to the skin. Irritation, redness and overall discomfort, often accompanied with dry skin and itching. Histolab made the Derma Science Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm to help patients to calm and resolve the side effects of laser skin treatment.

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Exposure to extreme light or laser can cause a variety of problems. Skin irritation is usually a given.  The Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm contains an extract from Calendula Flower which has a strong soothing effect to skin discomfort.

Since exposure to strong light can often cause hyper-pigmentation and excessive production of melanin and other pigments, the blemish balm contains Arbutin and Rice bran extract, which both have skin brightening properties, with the latter also being a powerful anti-oxidant.

Anti-oxidants are very helpful against premature aging of a skin – a problem all too common as a result of exposure. To further the anti-age effect, the Histolab cosmetic product contains Sodium Hyaluronate which has unmatched hydration and moisture retaining properties – a valuable feature, as after exposure to strong light, the skin tends to try out and become rough and flaky.

How is the Derma Science balm used?

Use the Post Laser Sun Blemish Balm from Histolab as a final stage of your skin care procedures. When done treating your skin with toner and lotion, you can apply the balm to soothe out any leftover irritation.