Basic Science Silver Plus Modeling Mask 1kg


This Basic Science modeling mask can be used by all patients, but it will show best results when utilized by people with oily skin, such prone to irritation or for people suffering from acne. With the help of Histolab’s Silver Plus Modeling mask, the skin will be thoroughly cleansed and the natural oil and water balance will be restored. Additionally, it has a notable soothing effect and will calm any irritation or inflammation.

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The Silver Plus Modeling Mask from Histolab is made to combat both the negative effect of the environment (especially pollution) and help patients with conditions such as acne. These factors may cause excessive oil production of the skin, with improper hydration levels at the same time. When using the face mask from the Basic Science series, the patient’s skin will be well cleansed and provided with a selection of valuable nutrients and other beneficial substances, which will keep the skin of the face healthy and vital for a long period of time.

Ingredients of the Silver Plus Modeling Mask

The keyword when it come to this Histolab mask is “hydration, hydration, hydration”. To achieve a very powerful effect in that regard, the mask contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Hydrolyzed Collagen. They two of the most important ingredients in the modern cosmetic industry, a vital part of most products aiming to improve skin hydration. In addition, moisture levels will be balanced by the pearl powder and the Glycyrrhiza extract will supply any nutrients necessary to revitalize the skin. As noted, the mask also has a soothing effect on skin irritation, a direct result of the effect of the Betain and Allantoin.


The product comes in the form of powder and has to be mixed with purified water before being in proper condition for usage on the face. The Basic Science Silver Plus Modeling Mask must be mixed with purified water in a proportion of 1:1.5 (mask to water). Take care to clean the skin of the face. Best results can be achieved if prior skin treatment is done with an ampoule or essence, especially from the Basic Science series of Histolab.

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