Basic Science Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask 1kg


The Basic Science Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask is a recommended cosmetic solution for patients who are dealing with some for of skin irritation. Such may include sunburn, increased sensitivity or problems typical to the post laser/UV/IPL treatment. Beyond calming skin discomfort, this Histolab modeling mask does an excellent job of rejuvenating the skin and improving its elasticity.

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Like the other modeling masks in the Basic Science series, this beauty product contains 20% Algin, which is derived from brown algae and has the special property of containing from 200 to 300 times its own weight in water. This enables the Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask to thoroughly moisturize the skin of the patient. Sunburn or other light exposure burn (IPL procedures, laser procedures, etc.) is characterized by two main symptoms – irritation and skin dryness. This facial mask takes care of both.

Using the face mask will provide the patient with a cool and soothing feeling which will make the irritation and discomfort of the skin to slowly subside. The treatment has lasting beneficial effects, besides the immediate relief. The skin will become softer, but firmer, more elastic and healthier and even finer lines will start to disappear.

This Histolab modeling mask is recommended all patients, even those that have suffered severe sunburn or have undergone a very aggressive form of light (UV, IPL, laser) skin treatment. Usage itself is very simple – mix one part of the Basic Science Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask powder with one and a half parts of purified water, mix until the mixture is homogenous and apply the mask. Be sure that the skin has been well cleaned, beforehand. Treatment with an essence or ampoule from the same series, beforehand, is strongly recommended.