Derma Science Cover Me 5g


Dermatological procedures often leave their mark of the patient’s skin and it is necessary to temporarily hide the signs of such treatment away. With the help of Cover Me from Histolab, a concealer from the Derma Science line of cosmetics, patients, can effortlessly achieve quick and naturally looking results in covering the marks of various types of skin treatment.

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How does the concealer work?

Once applied on the skin, Cover Me will form a durable film, protective layer of sort, which can sustain exposure to water, moisture and sweat. This is important as the formed layer is a very effective protection against environmental factors and various irritants.

Cover Me can be effectively used as the final stage of the a full skin treatment procedure with the Derma Science lines of skin-care products by Histolab.


With the sun, being the number one skin irritant, it is only natural for the Cover Me concealer to contain an ingredient like Titanium Dioxide, which is a very effective sun block. Any existing irritation will be cooled down and soothes by the SRGF H1 Complex, which the Lecithin with do an excellent job to activate and boost the natural regenerative capabilities of the skin. To complete the protective/restorative processes in the skin, Histolab have added Tocopheryl Acetate which has proven and lasting skin rejuvenating effects.