Acnex Science Beta Fresh Toner – 140ml


The Acnex Science of Histolab is a cosmetics series primarily aimed at cleansing the skin, helping patients with oily skin, excessive sebum production and, naturally – acne. Further, it can help with problems related to such conditions, including redness, skin irritation and even inflammation. The toner has an immediate soothing and cooling effect, while the skin is thoroughly cleansed with improved hydration and cleansed pores being long term effects of prolonged usage.

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The Beta Fresh Toner, part of the Acnex Science line, is mainly focused at patients suffering from acne – a problem, which is typical not only for teenagers. Bad hydration of the skin, combined with excessive secretion of sebum, could clog the skin pores, disbalance the moisture levels and have lasting negative effects.

Histolab have used some of the most effective ingredients in this toner, including oil extract from tea tree, Salicylic acid, extract from Sophora Angustifolia root and Centella Asiatica. Using the power of nature, this product offers unmatched skin cleansing and moisturizing properties.

The toner can be used in the morning or at night before bed. Applied with a cotton pad, it should be carefully and evenly spread on the face, to achieve optimal results.

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