Basic Science Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask 250g


Excessive production of sebum is one of the skin problems most often co-related to oily skin. It clogs the pores of the skin, prevents proper hydration and retain impurities. With the Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask, which is part of the Basic Science series. Histolab helps patients to effectively cleanse their face and restore natural moisture levels (for an extended period of time), effectively cleansing the pores, removing the oily texture that the skin has.

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The Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask treats the skin in a very delicate and gentle way. If has a fresh menthol feel, that will keep the skin cool and soothed even after the mask is washed away. A very convenient solution for people with sensitive or irritated skin. Results are guaranteed and the facial mask with be highly effective in restoring sebum production levels of the skin to their natural state.

At the base of the face mask is Histolab’s own SRGF H1 complex, which is a proven solution for skin soothing and improvement of the overall skin hydration. The after effect of the mask is a fresh and cool feel, due to the use Menthol, which double down as a skin tightening solution. Elasticity of the skin is restored thanks to the Beta Glucan, while Callus Cultured Extract and Arginine will introduce the valuable nutrients skin needs to remain healthy. Long term protection from harmful environmental effects is achieved with the help of Acetyl Hexa peptide-3

Usage of the Histo Sebum Catch Cream Mask

Clean your face well, before you use the Basic Science facial mask from Histolab. When you dry your skin, apply the mask and leave it to take effect for at least 10 (up to 15) minutes. Once you’re done wash it away with mildly warm water.