Basic Science Callus Stempeel PHA 100 – 120ml


Callus Stempeel PHA 100 is a peeling product from Histolab, part of the Basic Science series, which focuses on people with normal skin, without any serious skin problems, and helping them to retain their skin in that condition. The product is very effective at removing the dead skin cell, while at the same time, being relatively mild and non-aggressive, without risks of  dangerous side effects.

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All ingredients of the Basic Science Callus Stempeel PHA 100 are carefully selected to help with the effective peeling and conditioning of the skin. Since this is a chemical peel product, Glycolic acid, Citric acid and Lactic acid are used to effectively remove all dead cells and impurities from the skin and pores. To counter the possible irritation from the acid, this Histolab peel also contains extracts from cactus and Nelumbo nucifera flower, which have soothing effect and calm skin irritation, while also improving hydration. To ensure that the skin is healthy and vital, the Impomoea Hederacea Callus culture extract will provide all necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Unlike other chemical peels, the Stempeel PHA 100 from Histolab is less aggressive but still very effective and with the bonus of boosting the skin health and condition. The peel helps not only to remove dead cells, but also cleanse the skin from impurities and thus – help people suffering from oily skin or with moisture level disbalance of the skin.

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