Basic Science Histo Lightening Cream Mask 250g


Dark skin spots, which are also known as hyperpigmentation, are a common problem which affects both young and, especially, older people. There are a variety of factors that can cause such problems, but the immediate culprit is the excessive production of pigments like melanin into the skin. Histolab has developed the Basic Science Histo Lightening Cream Mask as an easy and effective solution for brightening the tone of the skin and treating darker patches of skin.

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Histo Lightening Cream Mask combines direct results in treatment of skin hyperpigmentation with more general benefit like nourishing, calming various skin irritation and overall boosting the skin’s condition with lasting revitalization. Treatment with this skin brightening mask from Histolab’s Basic Science series will greatly improve the condition of the patient’s skin, both brightening its color and making it more youthful.

How is the mask used?

This brightening mask is best suited for usage on normal type of skin. It should be used after the user has completed the other procedures of skin care. Always apply on clean skin (no makeup), preferably immediately before going to bed, as the mask need to work it’s effect for several hours, for optimum results. Wash away in the morning using lukewarm water, while trying to keep it away from your eyes.

Ingredients of Histo Lightening Cream Mask

To achieve effective brightening and whitening of the skin, the mask contains Niacinamide and Citrus Reticulata Peel extract (which also has nutrients). The overall revitalization effect is made possible by the special SRGF H1 complex, containing 7 different plant extracts, with more nutrients provided by the Allantoin. To avoid any unwanted irritation from the brightening complex, the SRGF H1 and Glycyrrhiza provide a soothing effect.

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