Derma Science 72% Azulene Complex Ampoule – 50ml


Histolab offers an effective solution to skin problems for people suffering from oily skin, excessive sebum production, enlarged skin pores, as well as skin inflammation and irritation. Part of the Derma Science  line of cosmetic products, the 72% Azulene Complex Ampoule utilizes potent ingredients like Azulene complex, Dimethyl Sulfone and BHA to the full, quickly reducing skin irritation and soothing and cooling the unpleasant skin discomfort and redness.

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72% Azulene Complex Ampoule form the Derma Science line has four main active ingredients. At the base of the cosmetic product is, of course, the Azulene complex which is one of the most inflammation soothing ingredients used in cosmetics. The Dimethyl Sulfone, on  the other hand, will help with controlling the level of sebum production, which results in cleansing the skin pores, in the long term. The effect is further amplified by the vegetable BHA, which also regulates sebum secretion. An oil extract from tea tree will help with improving the skin hydration, while having an additional soothing effect on the inflammation.

Histolab’s 72% Azulene Complex Ampoule can be used for a long time. Just a couple of drops, carefully patted on cleansed and treated with a Derma Science toner skin, will be enough for the daily treatment.