Basic Science Histo Point Remover 500ml


The Histo Point Remover is a solution for people with sensitive skin, that want a natural and non-aggressive makeup removing product. A two-phase cleansing product, this offer from Histolab’s Basic Science series, will allow customer to remove lipstick and all types of makeup without causing any unwanted irritation and being very effective at removing the makeup from the skin without a trace.

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One of the safest and skin-friendly make-up removal products on the market, the Histo Point Remover is also easy to use. Apply a few drops on a clean cotton pad and then  using gentle patting emotions clean away the makeup or gently wipe away the lipstick.

Histolab has based this cosmetic product on all-natural ingredients, with the main components being extract from Licorice root, Batula Albe leaf and Melissa Officinalis leaf, mixed in Lavender water.