Basic Science Histo Conductive Gel 500ml


The Histo Conductive gel will solve all problems related to irritation as a result of laser or UV light cosmetic procedures, various types of medical treatments. Histolab offer a potent solution that will both revitalize and boost the health of a person’s skin and also effectively deal with skin irritation and discomfort typical for light/ray based cosmetic and medical procedures, thanks you it’s powerful soothing effect. Effects from the usage of the Histolab gel are furthered by improved skin hydration and better moisture levels, making this an overall perfect solution for people with aging skin.

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As effective as skin treatment using a laser or IPL can be, skin irritation is often an unwanted side effect. The primary remedy to problems resulting from these such treatment is to hydrate the skin. The Histo Conductive gel will help the skin to retain more moisture, thud boosting its overall condition, improving elasticity, softness.

What does the Histo Conductive gel contain?

An effective conductive gel needs a rich and diverse complex of ingredients to cover all the checkboxes necessary protect the skin from unwanted side effects, irritation, light burn, redness. The primary focus of the product is to introduce a varied selection of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial agents into the skin. To that end the BSASM I, which is a complex of seven different plant extracts, as well as the extracts from Boswellia Serrate, tomato and rice will give the patient’s skin all the required nutrients.

Skin protection is impossible if the skin is not properly hydrated, so Histolab have included the potent Sodium Hyaluronate. It is a preferred based for dermal fillers and mesotherapy products, due to it’s potent hydration properties and ability to hold many times it’s weight in water.

And to complete the list, there is Aloe Vera extract – the all time favorite ingredient of skin care products, which helps not only with moisturizing the skin, but more importantly is very soothing and effective at dealing away with skin irritations.

How to use?

Use as any ordinary conductive gel during a cosmetic or medical procedure. Dispense the proper amount of Histo Conductive gel and carefully spread it using a gloved hand or the operational handle of the laser/IPS machine (if the design allows it).

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