Derma Science 62% Hyaluron Complex Ampoule – 50ml


Hyaluron is often primarily associated with dermal fillers, but it has been, in a way, the cosmetic and skincare industry sweetheart in recent years. And rightly so. Basic this offer from the Derma Science line on it, Histolab give clients a fast and effective solution to hydrate dry, rough and aging skin. The 62% Hyaluron Complex Ampoule will give the skin a near instant boost of the moisture levels, allowing, over time, for a more elastic, healthier, softer and smoother skin.

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All primary ingredients of the Derma Science 62% Hyaluron Complex Ampoule have been selected with a focus on improving the softness and hydration levels of the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate is the base for many cosmetic, mesotherapy and plastic surgery products. It has an unmatched ability to retain water and is one of the more powerful hydrating agents used in the beauty industry. Its properties are boosted with snail secretion extract, which is also a moisturizing agent.

Environmental factors are the second main factor to rough and dry skin, along with aging. To help protect it against them, Histolab have added grapefruit extract, which is a very powerful anti-oxidant

Any irritation, which is the result of the skin dryness will be easily soothed by the rose water. Rose oil has many skin improving properties and rose water can calm down even stronger skin discomfort, itching or redness.

The product should be applied on a clean cotton pad and when, once the skin of the face has been cleaned, gently pat the 62% Hyaluron Complex Ampoule soaked pad on your skin, until full absorption.