Basic Science Histo Aloe Vera Gel – 1200ml


Few natural ingredients used in cosmetics are as beneficial to the skin as Aloe Vera. One of the pillars of skin care, Aloe Vera extract (which is 20% in this product), does wonders for dry and malnourished skin. The Basic Science Histo Aloe Vera Gel from Histolab will introduce a rich complex of nutrients and vitamins into the skin, along with soothing and cooling effect on any skin inflammation and irritation.

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This product can be used by patients with any type of skin, but by far, the biggest benefit will be for people with dry and weathered skin, that needs a special nutrient boost and proper hydration to be youthful again. Smooth and elastic skin as a result of improved moisture levels. Histo Aloe Vera Gel from the Basic Science line will begin the process of healing and recovering the damaged by age or environmental factors skin. Also, very effective as a calming solution to skin irritation.

The gel can be used on the skin of the face and neck. Make sure the skin is clear and using gentle rubbing motions help the Histolab gel be absorbed into the skin.

Ingredients of the Aloe Vera gel

The foundation of this skin care product is a 20% Aloe Vera extract. It helps with almost all sorts of skin problems – improves hydration, soothes irritation, provides nutrients. Another favorite of the cosmetics industry – Sodium Hyaluronate, will also boost the hydration levels of the skin, along with the special SRGFH1 Complex. The latter will also provide soothing effect, which is further amplified by the Trehalose and Chamomile extract. For complete skin care, Basic Science Histo Aloe Vera Gel also contains Allantoin that will protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.

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