Basic Science Gold Plus Modeling Mask 1kg


The Basic Science Gold Plus Modeling Mask is a perfect solution for beauty professionals who want to offer their clients an effective and quick boost to skin elasticity. Created by Histolab to combat dry skin and all accompanying it problems, this facial mask introduces a complex of valuable nutrients and vitamins and helps the skin to restore the proper hydration levels. Long term effects are better elasticity, smoother skin, free of wrinkles and soft to the touch.

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The primary task of any moisturizing face mask is to improve hydration and help the skin retain moisture longer. To this end, the Gold Plus modeling mask utilizes Sodium Hyaluronate. Its power is combined with Hydrolyzed Collagen, which gives the necessary hydration to the skin.

This Histolab facial mask goes further in its effects.  The Gold Plus helps the tone of the facial skin to be improved and lightened up. The skin brightening properties are the result of the Arbutin’s effect. Colloidal Gold, which gives the product its name, will guarantee that it stays smooth and elastic, while the Glycyrrhiza extract provides the required nutrients to keep it healthy.

Any skin irritation will be calmed by the improved hydration levels and by the soothing effect of the Allantoins.

Basic Science Gold Plus Modeling Mask must be mixed with 1.5 times it’s volume in water to achieve the proper mixture for the facial procedure. The mask should be carefully applied over the entire face and left to take effect from ten to fifteen minutes.

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Weight 1 kg