Basic Science Soft Deep Cleansing Enzyme Powder Wash 50g


The Soft Deep Cleansing Enzyme Powder Wash is specially made from Histolab to help patients with delicate and sensitive skin, and especially people suffering from acne or other oily skin related problems, to cleanse their skin. With this Histolab wash product, it is easy to remove dead cells and impurities from the skin, including difficult to remove particles like makeup and or natural skin impurities.

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A treatment procedure with Soft Deep Cleansing Enzyme Powder Wash takes about a teaspoon of product. Pout the necessary amount in your palm and then add a bit of warm water and rub your hands together until you have a copious amount of foam. Once the foam is ready, gently rub it into your face, massaging the skin for at least 10 seconds. Give extra effort to zones that are more prone to developing oily skin, like the T-zone. Upon completing the massage with the foam of the Histolab wash, use warm water to remove any residue from the skin.

Main Ingredients

To properly cleanse the skin, the Basic Science utilizes the power of Papain – a natural exfoliant, which will extract and remove impurities from the skin. To aid it’s effect Bromelain will take special care of blackhead for thorough pore cleansing.

Exfoliation can irritate the skin and make it extra sensitive. The extract from corn starch and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate will soothe any possible discomfort from using the wash.