Basic Science ION-TO V (MULTI-VITAMIN) – 20ml x 50ea


Iontophoresis skin treatment allows for some powerful and very effective treatment of the patient’s skin and is one of the preferred anti-age therapies of recent years. The ION-TO series of cosmetic products from Histolab are specially tailored to be used during such beauty procedures. ION-TO V is a specially tailored complex of ionized vitamins and peptides, which can be introduced to the skin of the patient using Iontophoresis.

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The two pillars of skin rejuvenation are hydration and nutrition. Both are necessary components of effective anti-age therapy. At the center of ION-TO V’s moisturizing properties is the patented SRGF H1 plant extract complex, which in combination of an array of 11 types of peptides will restore skin moisture levels, deal with the lack of vitamins and minerals and ensure lasting, long-term benefits to the patient’s skin. Iontophoresis with the help of ION-TO V from Histolab, is no short-term solution, but long-term anti-age therapy.

What are the ingredients of Basic Science ION-TO V?

ION-TO V can be considered a sort-of multivitamin complex for Iontophoresis skin therapy. Using the saturated gauze of the galvanic stock of the Iontophoresis beauty machine, the cosmetic complex is absorbed into the skin of the face, for thorough rejuvenation. A typical amount used during a skin treatment procedure is anywhere between 3cc and 5cc of the solution.

The main ingredients are the SRGF H1 complex which improves skin hydration and has an added soothing effect, and a complex of peptides (including Acetyl Hexa Peptide and SH Pentapeptide-19) for nutrition and revitalization. Elasticity is improved thanks to the SH Pentapeptide-19 and the Hydrolyzed Elastin, while the Panthenol and Beta glucan boost the SRGF H1’s hydration and soothing effects, respectively.

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