Aqua Science Water-max Milk Cleanser 1200ml


Water-max Milk Cleanser is a specialized professional product for the safe and effective removal of makeup. This cosmetic solution deals with the most common problem with wearing makeup – it’s effect on the pores. Makeup can clog the skin pores, disbalancing oil and water ratio in the skin and the impurities, if not cleansed properly can have a lasting and damaging effect on the skin. This Histolab cleanser (from the Aqua Science line) removes makeup thoroughly and boosts the skin moisture levels and as well as soothes any possible skin irritation.

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Water-max Milk Cleanser is an overall skin treatment product which is specially purposed for the effective and thorough removal of makeup from the skin and makeup particles from the skin pores. But beyond this practical purpose the product is also very effective and boosting the health of the skin. This is a very powerful moisturizing solution. It uses the special formula from Histolab – SRGF H1, which is renowned for its powerful hydration properties. So is the Sodium Hyaluronate – one of the favorites of the cosmetic industry. Additional improvement in skin hydration are provided by the lecithin.

Beta Glucan and Tocopheryl Acetate will take care of any irritation caused by the usage of makeup and the Aqua Science Water-max Milk Cleanser even has a skin brightening effect, thanks to the Iris Ensata Extract which will add improvement to the overall skin tone.

The product us used on clean skin using a cotton pad. Pat with gentle motion to remove the makeup.

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