Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist 140ml


The Water-Max Infusion Mist from Histolab has a powerful revitalizing effect on the skin. The perfect product for people with dry skin as a result of age or environmental factors. Excellent and lasting hydration of the skin, with improved oil and water balance. Protection against the sunrays and UV light effects. Improves the skin elasticity and softness and treats rough and flaky skin.

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Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist is a skin care product which can be used by people with all types of skin, but its effect is most beneficial to users with aged, dry and rough skin. Prior to using the mist, the face should be completely cleansed. Apply the solution using a clean and dry cotton pad.

The Aqua Science series of Histolab has the primary goal of hydrating the skin and helping it retain moisture. This results in improved skin softness, elasticity, smoothness and overall revitalization. The Water-Max Insufion mist is no exception – like the other products in the line it contains both the patented SRGF H1 moisturizing complex of Histolab and the powerful hydrating agent that is Sodium Hyaluronate, with the overall beneficial effect further amplified by the Betaine and Lecithin.

Hydration is important for the overall health of the skin, but also with healing the harmful effects of sun exposure. Such inevitably include redness and irritation. Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist will help with such skin discomfort thanks to the Beta Glucan and Allantoin.

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