Aqua Science Water-Max Hydrating Cream 50ml


Water-Max is a hydrating cream which benefits the skin in a multitude of ways. It improves skin hydration and improves the moisture levels, while at the same time forming a protective layer which keeps moisture inside the skin and protect is from the harm of UV rays. Additionally, the cream has a powerful soothing effect, making it ideal for calming irritation, especially such that are the results of exposure to the sun or laser or IPL therapy, like hair removal or other type of skin treatment.

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There are not specific instructions to using the moisture cream. Dispense the right amount of Aqua Science Water-Max and apply it with gentle rubbing or patting motion in the area of skin you with to treat – the face, the neck or the upper chest. Be extra gentle, especially if the treated area is irritated or sunburnt. Always apply on clean skin.

Aqua Science Water-Max Hydrating Cream – Ingredients

The ingredients of the moisturizing cream are a special blend, balanced between hydration, protection and soothing, amplifying each other’s effect for optimal skin treatment results. Like so many other products by Histolab, hydration is ensured by their patented SRGF H1 formula which booster skin moisture levels long term. The Water-Max Hydrating Cream also contains Sodium Hyaluronate – another powerful hydrating substance which is at the core of the highest quality skin care products. Their effect is furthered by the Lecithin.

Protection is provided by the Bee wax and Beta glucan, which besides forming a protective layer over the skin, to keep UV ray effects at bay, also double down as soothing agents. The irritation calming effect is made even more powerful but the Portulaca Oleracea extract and the Betaine.

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