Aqua Science Water-Max Foam Cleanser 140ml


Water-Max Foam Cleanser is an Aqua Science series product, so it’s no surprise that hydration is a major part of its desired effect. It combines improving the moisture levels of the skin with effective cleansing. Makeup, natural skin oils and dirt from the environment can build upon the skin and in the pores. With the help of this skin cleanser, they can be easily removed from all types of skin, although patients with dry skin are especially suitable for treatment with the product, due to its powerful hydrating properties.

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The Water-Max Foam Cleanser from Histolab come in the form of a gel. To be effective, it must be used on an already clean skin, as its main goal is dealing with small particles that are left in the pores, which normal washing of the face will not remove. Dispense a small drop on your already wet hands and rub them until you’ve created a good amount of cleanse foam, after which gently apply it on the face, leave for a couple of minutes and then wash away with warm, but not hot, water.

Why Water-Max Foam Cleanser?

Dry skin can be difficult to clean. Removing something like makeup can eb a real challenge and improper skin cleansing can cause long term negative effects. To address this issue, an improvement of the hydration levels of the epidermis and dermis is necessary. This cosmetic cleanser from Histolab combines their own very powerful SRGF H1 formula with a proven hydration effect with Sodium Hyaluronate – a hydration agent substance used in everything from skin cream to dermal fillers. To maintaining the moisture levels balances for an extended period of time, the cleanser uses Lecithin. The Beta Glucan and Common purslane (Portulaca oleracea) extract will sooth any pre-existing irritation and the Japanese Iris (Iris Ensata) extract will even improve the skin tone.

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